City Love

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Be Love

If we could be tender...that softness that sweetness.

But not forget real draw lines, push through the hard times

If we could see beauty...eyes open see the golden.

When going gets rough...keep blessings on the mind.


If we could be patient...that virtue is potent.

But not wait too long...but power moves are a must.

If we could be peaceful...know courage and mercy.

But stand up to wrong...bring that tender that tough and rise up.


Chorus: Then we would be love.  Be love with me, be free.  

Oh we could be love.  We are humanity.


And if we could dream big...if you dreamt it you can breathe it.

But not forget small...redwood tree was once seed.

If we could stay humble...let goodness do good through you.

But always walk tall....we're all giants a hundred feet tall!


If we could be thanks for our blessings.

And cultivate health...our bodies are temples.

If we could live others can simply live.

And give of our wealth...take what we need, be rich in our mental.



Let us be hope.  Cause we know the key to peace is deep growth.

With open eyes and open hearts let's breathe hope.

And happiness is ready to blow like C4.

City love we only want y'all to dream big with the same unabated joy that we see in kids.

It's all love, and you know that, so let your life speak and show that, cause once time is gone there's no goin back!