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New children’s Album!

The Future Is Bright! This young children’s album is a culmination of our hopes and dreams for the next generation. Music for the world we need, and a vaccination against bigotry and hatred.

The Tao Te Ching says, “Sow the great in the small. Difficult things of the world are best tackled in their small beginnings.” Research shows us that prejudice forms very early on (before age 3!) but that we can interrupt that prejudice when we talk in our homes and classrooms about race, celebrating our differences, about fairness, self-love, caring, and sharing with all people.  This album is a musical love letter to the world we need. May it spread Love, justice, freedom, hope, virtue, peace, and gratitude. Thank you for supporting our work and supporting the children. Fifty percent of album sales will go towards organizations working on equitable access to education, children’s advocacy, and anti-racist education.

Bring City Love to your School for a transformative Assembly

“In City Love, two gentle, humble teachers and musicians bring us powerful lyrics with mobilizing rhythms—inviting us into a conversation about race in America. They sing about racial justice in a way that is critical, inspiring and concurrent with the ideas about race and America found in both activist and academic spaces today. A performance from City Love would be a great way to begin—or sustain—dialogue about race in school. Their music makes you want to dance—sing—cry—speak out—and unite.” - Ali Michael, PhD, Co-Founder and Director of The Race Institute for K-12 Educators

"Run, don't walk to bring City Love to your school!  Their melodious presentation will inspire and entertain audiences of all ages.  They truly are masterful in bringing a compelling message of hope, love and social justice!  Wheeler students want them back!" -Princess Sirleaf Bomba, Director of Unity and Diversity at The Wheeler School


Never too young for Justice

An engaging, developmentally appropriate assembly to build community, hope, equity, and belonging for preschool-3rd grade students.

With this highly participatory performance we use a collection of our children's songs to engage our youngest learners to celebrate the ways in which we are all both similar and different.  We name the fact that some of the differences between us carry very different weights, and people in our world and our country have not always been - and still are not always - treated fairly based on differences like the color of our skin, our gender, religion, who we love, and more.  Students share out what it looks like to be an upstander, and we discuss how even if many grownups and kids in our country are still learning how to be kind, safe and fair to all people, we can set an example for the world in our classrooms.   

Our performance helps to initiate or sustain developmentally appropriate conversations and shared dialogue in early childhood classrooms that will help our students make sense of the world they see around them and feel empowered to be the change the world needs.  We will leave your school with recordings of our music so that you can continue to use our songs to build dialogue and harmonize all the voices in the room around values of diversity, equity and justice in your classroom. (20-45 minutes, Maximum of 500 participants)

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Family concerts and school fundraisers:

We are exited to partner with your school or organization to offer family concerts as community gatherings or fundraisers. A family concert using our songs is a meaningful chance to give entire families a deep shared experience, shared language, narratives and theme songs to open discussions about race, celebrating our differences, self-love, fairness, caring and sharing. We have found that this builds cohesive community around positive change, inclusion, equity and justice among school families. We also partner with schools and organizations at family events to sell our CDs on a sliding scale of $5-20 with fifty percent of proceeds going to support your school or organization’s work around accessibility and/or anti-oppression professional development opportunities. Please contact us to discuss how we can best partner with you for your family event.


Resources for Educators: