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Born colorblind I never, understood the meaning of our skins.
I never learned, that we are equal but so different, running in a race that white began, with such a lead.
Running on the backs of others.  Cotton dollars grown on Native soil, by toil of Slave.  
Race invention; walls between us.  Race is used against us building fear, and breading hate.
White supremacy pervasive; written in the laws and taught in schools; learned on TV.
White is taught to wonder why brown, can't just pick himself right of the ground, and be like white.
Just like white-washed Jesus, white like, founding fathers, sheriffs, judges, white, like stars and stripes.

 Once was colorblind, but now I start to see.  How my skin of white has opened doors for me.  
Oh amazing grace please open up my eyes, and help others see if they too have been blind.

 Born colorblind I never saw what it takes to make change and talk race at all,
and we're walkin on egg shells, rooms full of elephants, comments from the past sayin that it's irrelevant but,
if we don't know where we're come from, how are we gonna get where we gotta go, how we make that grow? 

We are born as equals but then, some of us are fed with golden spoons, while others starve.
We are born as equals with 5 hundred years of horror drawing lines, into the sand. 
Drafting laws and separating, housing, schooling so we may not learn, that we are one.
"One but many, equal, different, woven of so many vibrant strands. THe warmest quilt.
Equal and so beautiful, and, strongest for our great diversity - not prophecy....
But description" - Ralph Ellison, making Invisible visible for all to see.
Open eyes and open hearts lets, learn to see the world for what it is, and build a bridge.

 We were colorblind but may we start to see, that you can't just close your eyes to history.  Oh amazing grace please open up our eyes, and help others see if they too have been blind.