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Fallin for you

We hit the town was a solid weekend
But that late night conversation has me thinking losing sleep and
I wanna approach you , is it kosher? Situation vegan?
I want no beef but I need a brief on last night's bombshell speech yea.
I mean I thought about it surely
And I really don't want to be surly
If this doesn't work out and I'm out of a friend who I really truly adore we
both know theres a chance so I aint even frontin
I rather try and risk it all than live life always wondering.
So we get back to the city and you get back to your family
I get back to the mission the movement moving without me
I hit you up for some coffee
We sit back and start talking
And there's an elephant in the room wow
It's just watching us talk we
Try to keep it real cool
We try to keep it real cool
We try to keep it together like feathers holding with glue
That didn't work out for Icarus, he fell in that pool
Then 4 words fall out my mouth. 
I say "I'm falling for you" 
Oops, did I say it?
I look and you look elated.
And I'm thinking it'll never be the same its strange
how quick things change its crazy
And you say its about dang time
I'm like you coulda told me
Then you hold out your hand understand the plan is for our hands to
hold sweet
so week
Walk the warm streets under the darkest moon
And as we're walking and talking
I know its true
I mean I met some other loves but not quite as cool
I mean the truth is, I think I'm falling for you.