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Grow Our Souls

We just grow and grow, can't stop us though
Tenacious like the weeds.  
Tried to round us up, you're not fast enough, and we've been saving seeds.
Got my CSA (community supported agriculture) farmer's market today, and my garden's bloomin, it's a greatful harvest.
And I thanked those plants that I grew from seed that my grandpa gave me, his grandma gave he.
Wise Fukuoka said, "let the plants perfect you." And wise Grace Lee Boggs said, "Time to grow our souls." So let's just grow our souls, let's just grow our souls, let's just grow our souls, let's just grow our souls.

Chorus - And we grow - and we grow and we grow, we're growin roots and wings - grow the roots and the wings, we're growin change - grow the change be the change, we grow community - grow community, we're growin hope - grow hope in our souls, we're growin hearts and minds - hearts and minds all the time, we grow our souls - in our souls let it grow, our love just grows and grows - it just grows and grows.

Verse - Lovely seeing you here
You there, you hear?
The movement has arrived so alive
for the new year
Plant a seed in your heart let it grow
with love that shows
the love, the ebb and the flow
of life
No need for unnaturals right?
If the future looks dark, we must all be the light
History repeats.
Let us sow what we reap
Make our ancestors proud of all that they see


Verse - 
Let's just grow our souls (repeat)