City Love

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City Love

Music for the world we need.


The Future Is Bright! This young children’s album is a culmination of our hopes and dreams for the next generation. Music for the world we need, and a vaccination against bigotry and hatred.

The Tao Te Ching says, “Sow the great in the small. Difficult things of the world are best tackled in their small beginnings.” Research shows us that prejudice forms very early on (before age 3!) but that we can interrupt that prejudice when we talk in our homes and classrooms about race, celebrating our differences, about fairness, standing up for each other, self-love, caring, and sharing with all people.  This album features students from public, charter and independent schools in Philadelphia as well as renowned advocates for racial justice in education, Dr. Howard Stevenson, Dr. Peggy McIntosh and Dr. Ali Michael.

This album is a musical love letter to the world we need. May it spread Love, justice, freedom, hope, virtue, peace, and gratitude. Thank you for supporting our work and supporting the children. Fifty percent of album sales will go towards organizations working on equitable access to education, children’s advocacy, and anti-racist education.