City Love

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Lately, I been thinking
I been thinkin, well thinkin bout you
for as long as i can remember
your love was tender
like a river it flowed it was cool
and if heaven permits us, let's get real love
cause time ain't gonna wait for no fool
but as long as we're honest, I promise
we can sit back and watch love do what it do
so true

Lately, not so lately
I been lovin you lady, and I've
tried to patient, but I've got to let you know
that you're lovely, darlin, dreamy
I just want to make babies, with you
family, tree of life, we
could build one so ably
passionately, see what I mean?
Be my tai tai ("wife" in Mandarin Chinese) be my lady

Should we try, should we try, cause there's not use fighting nature she's too wise
should we try, out this love from above, from below let's just grow
in between, burst the seems, we're just dreams, we're just dreams, we're just dreams, we're just dreams