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Let Them In

A broken man was once a boy.  Broken heart.
Or broken school.  Or broken home.  And we start.
To see him slip, down through the cracks, and then he cracks.
And then he's broke, and then he breaks.  A broken man has been made.

What happens, when the boy becomes a man?
And the chains around his hands
drive him insane and change his plans?

for the life he was to live
no more hugging moms
no kids
just a wandered mind, a tragic time,
he'll pay this fine til he's dead.

And us outside those walls
say it must be all their fault
but we don't look inside ourselves
to see weve been doing wrong

This that song for introspection
allow yourself time reflection.
Is the person in the mirror
more criminal than the rest in?

400 years, and the past is at our feet
And the people on the streets
Look for fathers, they're all sweeped
into cells, 1/3
Of descents of africans
Are struggling thats no probs
they dont deserve to be free
O the horrors, the demise
Theres no men, but no surprise
A quarter of the worlds prison population us alive
in our nations backyard
now we can do better
cause what we do today
Is how we're remembered forever

In - This is how we should begin
 just let them in - We should let em all in
Before they're out.  Pentience, forgiveness is the word
If they been out then let them in - 
If there out let em in, let em begin to be heard

That background check, cant earn that check. let them in.
The welfare line won't let them sign.  Let them in.
Can't get that loan to buy that home.  Let them in.
Old Sally Mae won't help you pay.  Let them in.
That ballot box, that ballot locked, let them in.
No where to turn, so they return, and you or I....
Might do the same, try on those shoes, open eyed.

In, just let them in.  Before they're out.  If they've been out then let them in.  In, just let them in.  Before they're out.  If they've been out then let them in.