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Millenial Babies

grown up, kept it one hundo
fast life, know I had to run yo.
and as I reminisce, it would be remiss, to think we didn’t have fun yo.
26, years in the jungle.
cold shoulders, hope we all bundled
and i hope we still cordial, cordless phones, hooked to my earlobes
“we’re closed” says the sign
ergo, went home
slept on the stairs tho
cause i was feeling up and down
but aint here to air
laundry, clean clothes

 love’s supreme
yep its spharaoh 

 hate breeds hate
gotta keep it sterile
and ima keep it sterling
we the future
herald, hurting
beats when we can,
beats being, meh,
thats boring,
this morning
got a text, martron whats good
chuck still drumming
yo alexa. 

 dani still fam
and ima be me
thats still in the plans
anything else is uncivil
breaking bad habits
dad, malcolm in the middle
did you feel the quake just a little? 
did you take a break just to mingle.
with a body you don’t know? 
with nobody, you won’t grow?
or so they say?  
don’t forget to laugh okay? 
homie do the math always,
2 heads better, than a single brain
single stain,
dang, with a bang bang
homie laid
lifeless, stole his chain
stole everything
priceless its a dang shame
wish i rang rang,
wish the game change, 
why my brain, thinnk so many things

millenial babies
no wonder we all crazy
wrote a letter put a poem in it
bout a person with a golden vision
was our meet up really our decision
or did did universe said to listen
im really sorry for the distance
cut you off, but ima let you finish
use to have problems with commitment,
now my problem is my commitment

We run so fast - and we're always runnin
No finish line - runnin, chasing after somethin
I keep the faith - Millenial Babies
Just take my time - No wonder we all crazy

We run so fast - all i wanted was some time
No finish line - to slow it down
I keep the faith - just get my feet back under me
Just take my time