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Playing at the United Opt Out Conference

We had the honor of sharing our music at the United Opt Out Conference tonight.  Such an urgent issue, and so many inspiring educators working for positive change.  A time to reflect.

We are both fortunate to work at wonderful, progressive, independent (private) schools that really exemplify the quality of education that ALL children should receive.  Students and teachers at our schools don't need to worry about constant standardized testing or overcrowded classrooms, so they can focus on learning/teaching instead.  It is a truly beautiful and inspiring thing to witness and be a part of.  

Private schools like these can seem quite expensive, but actually cost much less per student than Pennsylvania's annual spending per prison inmate, let alone when you start to include the cost of growing police forces and building new jails.  (  

What would Pennsylvania look like if we invested in schools instead of prisons, and took low test scores as an indicator that schools needed more support instead of more tests?   Check out the work of Jesse Hagopian, Deborah Meier, Diane RavitchAlfie Kohn, and Susan Ohanian to learn more about the movement and why it is such a major issue in our times.  Check out our song, "More Than a Score", named after Jesse Hagopian's book, for a quick synopsis of some of the issues at play: